Dance Classes

We highly recommend to check on the new Creative Dance Academy website, they teach many type of dance including tap dance, hip hop dances and ballet dance. Their range include toddler dance classes, kids dance classes and adult dance classes. They teach from Monday to Saturday. Most of their classes are based in Vineyard. They additionally have elite and short intense classes that last 20 minutes.

creative dance classes

Strongest coffee in Australia

Strong Coffee

Today, we will present the new strong coffee from Mongrel Joes coffee store. They developed a coffee with twice caffeine as ordinary coffee.

Find out more at Mongrel Joes website:

We’ve proved it in a blind taste test with a panel of independent coffee-lovers.  We’ve proved it to ourselves by sampling our competitors blends…. yikes.  Now we want to prove it to you.

There is no ‘lab-testing’ process by which coffee is rated according to caffeine content in Australia, so we encourage you to be your OWN guinea pig.

Turbochef i3 and Sota Speed Cook ovens

sotaTurbochef Cook ovens

Turbochef is now expanding their range of rapid speed cook ovens with the new Turbochef i3 and Sota.

You will find the Turbochef Sota within a range of $15,000 to $17,000 across Australia and the Turbochef i3 within $19,900 to $24,000.

turbochef-i3 (1)All Turbochef ovens come with a 1 year warranty labour and parts. This brand is more often used for pizza shop fit out and sandwich shop.

In opposition to other brands, Turbochef often use 2 independent mottors for air circulation.

Article written by Rano Soft Technnologies USA.