What is a defamation? Defamation laywers

The meaning of the word ‘defamation’ in English is little different than the definition of law. In the world of law the word has gained more magnitude.

What is defamation? What are the type of defamation?

Defamation is an deliberate act to damage anyone’s reputation. This act has a thin line between the independence of speech and destroying anybody’s status or good name.
Under the law we can speak about almost anything. We can speak about anybody and criticize any work or any character. But we cannot destroy anybody’s reputation intentionally.

Types of Defamation

There are two types of defamation. Libel and Slander are the types of defamation. In All typoe of defamation, we recommend you to use a defamation lawyers.
Libel – libel is the case where a written statement or publication is given to hurt somebody’s reputation. It includes the audio , video and any form of written activity.
Slander – If the reputation is hurt verbally it comes under the Slander. Any type of remark or any type of physical gesture with the intention to hurt somebody’s reputation, is of Slander type. The activities may not be recorded.
The law intervenes when the person goes through certain defamatory conditions. It could be verbally, through any publication, by causing some injury or harm and through false accusation .


If it is find out that A person is verbally disturbing somebody or trying to defame him or her , a case of verbal harassment and defamation can be filled. For example – A husband is continuously bullying his wife in order to defame her or showing her character to be mean.


In the modern world of media and inter net any type of false publication against anybody’s reputation is considered as defamation. The publication or the statement can be made on a book or newspaper. From the social media to video publication any statement made to defame anybody’s character is not legal. For example – a post on the social site intentionally mocks somebody to defame him or her.

Causing any Injury

Any statement that hurts or causes any injury to anybody’s reputation is a type of defamation. For example – A defamatory statement can destroy somebody’s career.

False Accusation

In this case, a false accusation is made about somebody. This can push the situation to intolerability. A true statement is never a criminal case. But a case where anybody has been subjected with falsity, is illegal. The person’s reputation is harmed intentionally and a lawsuit can be filled. For example – A person is falsely accused with a case of theft.
With the boundaries of different countries , the law and the frame of the sections may be different. But the main defamation law and the ways of it are almost the same.
In every case the plaintiff has to prove his/her defamation. In the case of Libel any financial compensation may not be given. It is less damaging. But in the case of slander the case may be a grave one. The damage can be long term and a compensation can be claimed.
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